Karaoke, banquets, corporate events

Our professional goal is ideal carrying out of weddings, banquets and company party.

From the earliest times, event management is real art. Imperial banquets, grandiose tables, gorgeous ornamentation of the hall, the guests dressed in magnificent suits. Memories of such bright, unusual, exciting arrangements should stay for a long time in the memory of every gust, but the organizing events of such high level demands big efforts.

Would you like to organize a holiday of such level, but in modern arrangement? The hotel facilities “Tatariv DeLuxe” will arrange you magnificent feast of which you can only imagine! It can be original, creative, stylish and thoughtful over to all details.

The organization of a banquet is one of the most important stages of preparation of the feast of any format. If you want that your holiday passed well, you should simply consider to a question of the organization of a feast. If you are planning a wedding celebration, it is necessary to prepare for such even more fundamentally. The lasting of a feast can range from three-four hours to several days; moreover, at the same table can gather people representing various social classes and age groups. It is so difficult to please so "non-uniform" public! Thus, the organization of a wedding feast is a difficult task which can solve only newlyweds and their parents.

Carrying out of wedding feast in the Carpathians, in hotel facilities “Tatariv DeLuxe” hotel is the key to success of your wedding celebration! This is because our banquet hall is a modern building with all conveniences. The design of the hall is made in Carpathian, neutral style that allows to use it in any format and stylistic. At our restaurant works high-class experts who know how to make your celebration tasty, magic and memorable. Our chef will make everything in order your hopes and expectations come up to 100%! We are sure that the menu suited both gourmets, and vegetarians, and rawatarian; that cutlery suited to hall interior, table appointments are carried out according to the standard rules. "Tatariv DeLuxe" is an ideal place for your ideal feast! It does not matter the format of event, the number of guests on it, the celebration will be great if it will be within the walls of the hotel.

Organization of corporate events

Corporate events are an integral part of organizational culture, they are especially currently important on New Year's holidays, on the occasion of anniversary of firm or simple for encouragement of employees. The corporate is a responsible action which demands knowledge, experience and professionalism. Each head wants that his corporate passed at the highest level, because, it is a reputation of the company in the person of the employees, thereon hangs the spirit in collective and leadership. Therefore preparation and carrying out corporate action shouldn't lie down on shoulders of senior management, because the person of other profession cannot to follow all subtleties and nuances of action.

If you like that the corporate party will be held at the highest level, so order the organization of New Year's holidays for colleagues in "Tatariv DeLuxe". Our banquet hall is multipurpose. It has an area of 110 square meters and can accommodate up to 80 people. Stationary in a hall there are soft sofas and tables on 48 seats. The room is equipped with one of the most modern systems of a karaoke "Evolution pro 2". The karaoke played through the large retractable projector screen. We will surprise you with Hutsuls traditions and exclusively live music!

Remember, the main component of the event is banquet. It is also very important the place of the celebration.