Children's holiday

лагерь в Карпатах
лагерь в Карпатах

"The Children's Republic DELUXE" is an ideal place for active children's rest, improvement of health and receiving unforgettable experience. Summer in "The Children's Republic DELUXE" is a crystal-clear air, high mountains, evergreen fir- trees, the tender sun and also different types of active recreation and tourism. All this and even a warm summer rain, gives everyone a good mood, enhance our health and well-being.

Good afternoon, dear republicans!

There is nothing more important, than the future of our children. That’s why; we created children's camp of new generation - "Children's Republic DELUXE".

"Children's Republic DELUXE" is a unity of the European experience and the best Ukrainian traditions and the highest quality of standards.

Our camp has all advantages of modern children's camps: developed infrastructure, interesting and exciting program, comfortable conditions of accommodation, excellent food, and well-qualified personnel. And the main advantage of "Children's Republic DELUXE" is specifically developed program - "Positive influence" which helps children to develop a sense of mission, leadership, independence and organization. The European experience shows that the positive influence on the child during rest is more effective, than training in school format.

We are sure that, sending the children to the camp “Children's Republic DELUXE “, parents will be happy and glad, that they chose only the best for their children. And each child will bring home a powerful charge of health and a lot of positive stories and emotions.


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