In the cozy wooden cottage near the hotel recreation complex “Tatariv Deluxe» there is a wood-fired sauna with a swimming pool.

Since a long time people have known the benefits of the bathhouse. As early as a well-known physician Hippocrates prescribed to many his patients the bath treatment procedures. Throughout the course of history, its own specific type of construction and principles of working out of the bathhouse and even etiquette has formed in each region. “Taking a steam bath” in the bathroom has become a kind of peculiar culture of health improvement and rejuvenation.

Thus we could create for our customers this unique relaxing place!

Certainly everyone could reveal their own features and advantages of the bath, however an effect that has been famous since older times remains invariable nowadays.

The ancient Slavs knew thoroughly about the healing, health improving and an rejuvenation effect of the bath.

And up today, its healing capacity has not been completely studied, however, there is no doubt about a great benefit of the baths.

So, complete your vacation by the centenaries -proved health-improving procedures namely in the bath of the hotel recreation complex “Tatariv Deluxe»!

Such is the custom that from glorious times of the Kievan Rus’ the wooden baths have been built. This choice was not accidental, due of the wood passing to people its positive energy, taking away the negative emotions.

And not every tree was fitted for the construction of the baths. Conifer wood was for preference because in warm conditions it emits the exceptional smell, which is also considered as very healthy.

Taking into consideration the Tatariv village is the climatic resort thanks to coniferous forests, so we built a classical bathhouse just of coniferous trees.

Thus, in the hotel recreation complex “Tatariv Deluxe» a traditional Russian wood-heated bath (up to 8 people) with a swimming pool is at your service, it will complete your memorable vacation in the Carpathian region.


Traditional wood-heated bath with swimming pool: - 650 UAH. / Hour (up to 8 people). - For hotel guests 500 UAH. / Hour (up to 8 people). - If the service order bath than 8 people. It is for these guests surcharge of 100 UAH. / Person. / Hour - Bath closed on previous prepaid and pre-booked from 12.00 to 23.00 - The price includes: birch or oak twigs, Carpathian tea, sheets, towels and slippers.


Price includes teas of Carpathian herbs, bed-sheets and switches.

Discount system is available.